aloe, shea butter, vitamin C and E, green 			         tea, sunfower oil, cucumber extract, fennel extract
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What is Hanitizer?

Hanitizer is the future of hand sanitizers and lab tested for your assurance. It combines a germ fighting sanitizing formula with the finest moisturizers possible for long lasting protection.

What choices do I have?

Hanitizer's unique formulation was initially developed for use by doctors and hospital staff and medical facilities, since they can find themselves sanitizing their hands throughout the day. Hanitizer, by providing long lasting protection, has been received so positively that the formulators have been encouraged to also fulfill other retail requests and now online.

Is there a difference?

Yes, and a big one. Many of the existing sanitizers do not employ the special formulations of Hanitizer. It is not only to protect from 99.9% of germs but it is important for the product to last and also continue to moisturize your hands. It is obvious how dried out skin becomes from using most sanitizers during the day. With Hanitizer there is no need to use any additional moisturizing lotions because with Hanitizer the sanitizer is built into the lotion. And shea butter with aloe are proven to enhance your skin.

Why do I need it?

All of us that are concerned about staying healthy take many precautions. We try to eat well, stay active, and maybe take vitamins/minerals in order to keep our families safe.Many also are aware of the many viruses, germs or bacteria found in everyday life. We are constantly exposed to germs whether we are touching an escalator rail at the mall, a keyboard, a hotel remote, a door handle, shaking hands, handling money etc. The use of Hanitizer helps keep you safe.